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Chris Gladstone Bag

Martin. Just a quick email to thank you for the great job you did replacing the damaged handle on my Gladstone bag. I was very impressed with the quality of your work and the speed you did the job and returned the completed bag to me. The personal service you offer is exceptional and I very much enjoyed our telephone conversation. It was a pleasure doing business with a true craftsman who enjoys his work, I’m already recommending you to anyone who needs your services. Thank you again Kind regards Peter

Peter Briefcase Repair

Hi Martin, Thank you ever so much for the case. It is truly fantastic and perfect. You were totally right about the strap and it is really comfortable and works for the weight of the thing! I have only just opened it this evening and you certainly did not want anyone else to get into it! J It was unfortunate that when the postman brought it on Saturday early moprning, Rebecca was in the shower and did not hear the door bell and I didn’t have my vibrating pager on me! So the case went back to the depo and we picked it up on our way out this morning to work, then got home latish, had some dinner and then unpack my case! Yeah! It really is quite truly amazing and unbelievable, I could have never imagined or wished for it to have been as totally fantastic and perfect as it is! We were wondering what the best thing is too use on it if I should ever get anything really vile on it? Sadle soap or something different? Please can you advise us just so we know and have it as a back-up plan should it ever be needed in the future, which of course I truly hope it isn’t! I hope all is well with you and thank you a million for what you have done for me, I am absolutely sure that it is set to change my life for the better and enable me to have a communication aid when out and about. I truly cannot thank you enough. Thank you millions. Lucy and Rebecca Lucy Jaques Training Ltd

Lucy and Rebecca Lucy Jaques Training Ltd

thank you for the wonderful and extraordinary restoration you achieved on my 5th generation Doctor’s bag. Getting the bag repaired was aspirational due to it age and the abuse it received over the years.
My son Richard has been using it since he collected it from you.
One cannot get a bag like this anywhere .
Thank you again for preserving a Doctors bag full of memories and history.
Kind regards
Dr Arthur Dolan MB

The Leather Workshop Dr Arthur Dolan