Refurbishment & Repairs

So much knowledge has been lost in modern society with the advent of new materials, while old out of fashion leather items were consigned to attics and sheds deteriorating quietly, waiting for the time when they could be brought back into service again, "but", alas all this time waiting, over a hundred years in some cases (no pun intended). The Year 2000 saw a resurgence in fashion and an interest in our history to bring these original items back into use, but due to dryness and damp, mould, worm and rodent damage, rust and general miss- use they became damaged cast off's which in some peoples minds were fit for the bin.


Acquiring this knowledge (which will never be complete) has been a long journey, questioning old masters who can still remember the methods which they used and many mistakes made on a trial and error basisĀ  (quite expensive in the early days) but it does focus the mind. It is therefore my intention to make it known that in most cases you can resurrect the faithful old friend back into working condition with the right attention. Each leather item has to be taken as a complete individual, no two cases are the same . So many things have to come into play, touch and feel of the leather, the type of hide and how was it tanned how old is it dictates what method of refurbishment is required.


Now leather is making a come back, so many things can be given a useful life again, Gun Cases, Gladstone Bags, Briefcases, Suitcases and Trunks, in fact most items that were thought to be lost. Each piece has its own history and a story to tell where it served its owner loyalty. What better Epitaph than it will still be of use for many generations given the right treatment, care and maintenance I try my best to uphold these values, to preserve the originality, age and character as much as possible and to create a "well used but much loved look". Old fashioned Tradition where Quality of Service Matters.

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